Provost Scholarship at Temple University

Provost Scholarship at Temple University’s stands as a prestigious opportunity for full-time undergraduate students, specifically those admitted as Presidential Scholars. This scholarship aims to enrich students’ educational journeys by providing a $4,000 stipend for approved faculty-mentored research/creative projects, unpaid internships, or study abroad programs. This guide explores eligibility criteria, internship and research guidelines, study abroad details, the application process, and essential deadlines.

Provost Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the Provost Scholarship, students must be full-time undergraduate students who received eligibility to use a stipend upon admission as a Presidential Scholar at Temple University. Maintaining the GPA and enrollment requirements is crucial to sustaining Presidential Scholarship eligibility. Additionally, completing at least one full-time semester at Temple post-stipend usage is mandatory.

Provost Scholarship Internship and Research Guidelines:

For students eyeing unpaid summer internships or research projects, adherence to specific guidelines is vital. Projects must align closely with the student’s academic and professional goals, enhancing their standing for future opportunities. Key guidelines include:

  • Completion during the summer.
  • A minimum dedication of 300 hours (allowing the combination of two projects to meet this minimum).
  • Stipends cannot be applied to tuition.
  • Exclusivity during the stipend period (no outside employment or coursework).
  • Approval by the college internship advisor or faculty research mentor, the student’s school/college, and the Provost’s Office.
  • Completion of the online Post-Experience Review Form before the fall semester begins.

Study Abroad Guidelines:

The Provost Scholarship also supports students engaging in approved study abroad programs during the academic year or summer, subject to guidelines such as:

  • Completion during the academic year or summer.
  • Non-applicability of stipends to tuition.
  • Completion of the online Post-Experience Review Form before the next semester begins.

Getting Started:

Initiating the Provost Scholarship application process involves consulting the home school/college stipend contact, a University Honors Program advisor, or the Education Abroad office (for study abroad programs). Key steps include logging into the Merit Scholar System, completing the application by the specified deadline, and awaiting approval from the school/college and Provost’s Office.

Application Deadlines for Provost Scholarship:

Adhering to deadlines is crucial for program participation:

  • Summer Internship, Research, or Study Abroad: Opens on February 1, due by March 9.
  • Fall Study Abroad: Opens on May 5, due by June 1.
  • Spring Study Abroad: Opens on October 1, due by November 1.


The Provost Scholarship at Temple University presents a unique opportunity for full-time undergraduate students to immerse themselves in experiential learning. Whether through unpaid internships, research projects, or study abroad programs, students can elevate their academic and professional pursuits. By following guidelines and meeting application deadlines, students can maximize this scholarship for a transformative learning experience.

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