Restaurant Manager Needed In Canada By Casa Americo Italian Bistro & Restuarant


As a Restaurant Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the restaurant to ensure a seamless dining experience for guests and a productive and motivated team. Your role is to maintain high standards of food quality, service, and cleanliness while managing staff, handling customer inquiries, and maximizing restaurant profitability.

Job details

  • Location: Milton, ON
  • Salary: 20.00 hourly / 30 hours per week
  • Terms of employment Permanent employment: Full time
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  • Vacancies 1
  • Verified





  • Secondary (high) school graduation certificate


1 to less than 7 months


  1. Restaurant Operations: Oversee all aspects of restaurant operations, including dining room management, kitchen coordination, and front-of-house efficiency to ensure smooth service.
  2. Staff Management: Recruit, train, and supervise restaurant staff, providing ongoing coaching, performance feedback, and fostering a positive work environment.
  3. Customer Service: Ensure exceptional customer service by training staff to engage with guests courteously, addressing customer inquiries and complaints, and ensuring a pleasant dining experience.
  4. Quality Control: Maintain food quality and consistency by collaborating with the kitchen team, monitoring portion sizes, and adhering to recipes and standards.
  5. Inventory Management: Monitor and control restaurant inventory, including food, beverages, and supplies, to minimize waste and optimize cost efficiency.
  6. Financial Performance: Monitor financial performance by tracking sales, analyzing expenses, and implementing cost control measures to maximize profitability.
  7. Health and Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, sanitation standards, and restaurant cleanliness to create a safe environment for guests and staff.
  8. Menu Development and Specials: Collaborate with the kitchen team to develop menu items and daily specials, taking into account customer preferences and market trends.
  9. Table Management: Oversee table turnover and reservations to accommodate guest flow efficiently during busy service hours.
  10. Marketing and Promotion: Collaborate with the marketing team to implement promotional activities, attract new customers, and retain loyal patrons.


  1. Proven experience as a Restaurant Manager or relevant management role in the foodservice industry.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, business administration, or a related field is advantageous.
  3. Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire staff to achieve performance goals.
  4. Exceptional customer service skills and the ability to handle customer inquiries and complaints professionally and promptly.
  5. Knowledge of food safety and sanitation standards, health regulations, and restaurant industry best practices.
  6. Financial acumen to analyze sales data, manage budgets, and implement cost-saving strategies.
  7. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with staff, customers, and vendors effectively.
  8. Organizational skills and the ability to multitask and prioritize responsibilities in a fast-paced environment.
  9. Flexibility to work varying shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, based on the restaurant’s operating hours.
  10. A passion for the restaurant industry and a commitment to delivering an outstanding dining experience to guests.


  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate daily operations
  • Determine type of services to be offered and implement operational procedures
  • Balance cash and complete balance sheets, cash reports and related forms
  • Cost products and services
  • Enforce provincial/territorial liquor legislation and regulations
  • Monitor revenues and modify procedures and prices
  • Ensure health and safety regulations are followed
  • Negotiate arrangements with suppliers for food and other supplies
  • Negotiate with clients for catering or use of facilities
  • Develop, implement and analyze budgets
  • Participate in marketing plans and implementation
  • Address customers’ complaints or concerns
  • Provide customer service
  • Recruit, train and supervise staff
  • Leading/instructing individuals

Additional information

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Tight deadlines
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Large workload
  • Overtime required

Who can apply to this job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of this Restaurant manager:

1. What does a Restaurant Manager do?

A Restaurant Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of restaurant operations, including managing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, handling finances, maintaining cleanliness, and enforcing safety and health regulations.

2. What are the key responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager?

The key responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager include staff recruitment and training, creating work schedules, managing inventory, maintaining customer service standards, handling customer feedback, and collaborating with the kitchen team to ensure smooth operations.

3. What skills are essential for a successful Restaurant Manager?

Successful Restaurant Managers possess strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills. They should be able to handle multiple tasks efficiently, resolve conflicts, and work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.

4. What qualifications are required to become a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant Managers typically have a combination of formal education and relevant work experience. A degree or diploma in hospitality management or a related field is beneficial, along with experience in the foodservice industry.

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